Equissage was developed from Niagara Healthcare 

Equissage was developed from Niagara Healthcare physiotherapy products used on humans for over 50 years. Niagara products are used in hospitals, clinics, sports clubs by physiotherapists and also designed for individual use.
Extensive studies in hospitals, universities and research establishments have proven the benefits of this type of treatment and that it is not at all aggressive and has no side effects.
Medically the benefits are: Stimulation of blood flow andlymphatic drainage, muscle relaxation and increased articular mobility.
Equissage massages deeply and rotationally the horse’s entire body and thanks to this unique therapeutic effect, the back pad and the hand unit actively stimulate circulation, relieve and tone up the muscles and encourage lymphatic drainage.
Equissage must be used daily. A massage once or twice a day is extremely beneficial to the circulation and the general state of health.
Even placed under the covers the Equissage system is still completely effective.

Using the back pad daily

will bring the greatest benefits for the whole body. Ideal before and after work. For warming up then relaxation.
The benefits and the results are only better if Equissage is used as a regular treatment and is part of stable life.
Equissage takes no time at all and, quite the reverse, it will save you time by having a horse whose muscles and articulations are warmed up and immediately ready to work.
It is strongly recommended to take 20 min once or twice a week to locally reinforce all over the effects of the back pad by using the hand unit on the muscle mass from the hock to the neck.