Stiff and painful back - Dorsalgia

In conjunction with the back pad set on 4-5

with the hand unit insist on all the dorsal muscles from the sacrum to the small of the back then the back itself. Along the back five or six times slowly with the entire cylinder is normally sufficient. To finish, go along the spine from the withers to the base of the tail applying the suction pad directly on the vertebra. Hold the cylinder in one hand whilst exerting a little pressure with the fingers of the other hand on the rubber cap and follow the spine. Go slowly backwards and forwards three times. Repeat this two or three times a week to start with. 
In the case of severe dorsalgia it can be carried out two or three times a day. 
In this case, start with a global treatment the first time and then concentrate on the back the other times. In most cases regular use of the back pad will rapidly improve things.