Problems with tendons, engorgement, big knees, lymphangitis, sore shins, fetlocks, hocks

Always in conjunction with the back pad on 3-4  

fix the special boot around the cannons on the leg concerned so that the suction pad of the hand unit comes in contact with the bottom of the knee or the hock. 
Ensure that the two Velcro straps have been tightened and turn it on at medium speed.
The belt of the hand unit can be attached around the motor of the back pad, you can thus do something else and again it takes no time at all.
Leave it working like this for 10 to 20 min and according to the problems renew twice a day.
You will obtain significant vascularisation and drainage in the area concerned, an anti-oedematous and an anti-inflammatory role and acceleration of the healing of tissues and the resorption of oedema by avoiding tendinous fibrosis. 
As with horses that are stopped and confined to their stall, you will avoid ankylosis, limit the risk of colic and loss of muscle mass.
In the case of sore shines, the cannons are too painful and the boot must be placed for a few days above the knee.
The hand unit in the boot has an effect from the bottom of the foot to the top of the limb and so the fact that it is not on the area to be treated does not mean there are no results.
Regular use of the boot will relieve horses with sensitive feet (osteitis, founder) through greater vascularisation.

Equissage, by reinforcing and loosening up the back, helps the horse work better and thus limit lower compensations. Which reduces their effort.